The Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising and Exhibiton Memory as a Reference.

On August 29, 2023, the day of the 79th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising, we invite you at 5:00 pm to a guided tour of the exhibition entitled: “MEMORY AS A REFERENCE. CRITICAL CONTEXTS OF THE SLOVAK STATE IN CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART.”

You will be able to talk about the exhibition and work arts with artists Filip Sabol and Marcel Mališ.

The authors of the exhibited visual artworks: Daniela Krajčová, Klára Kusá, Zorka Lednárová, Marcel Mališ, Matúš Maťátko and Filip Sabol, Erika Meszárosová used memory as a reference in their work.

“Most of the presented authors at the exhibition are devoted to individual studies of authoritarian regimes, totalitarian propaganda, visual culture of the time, as well as oral history mapping the impact of political decisions on specific human lives. The authors are looking for proxy themes in the tangle of historical layers that have the potential to create a context with the current political and social situation,”
explains the curator of exhibition, Bohunka Koklesová.

The Holocaust did not happen overnight. It was preceded by a crisis in society after the First World War, which opened up the space for populism, political phrases in the form of simple solutions. A regime in which not only democracy but also freedoms and human rights were completely lost came to power through a democratic path. We tell the facts of great history in the exhibition in the historical development of events. And how did the small ones affect the lives of ordinary people? We approach them through the short films Post Bellum and The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies.

Curator of exhibition: Bohunka Koklesová

Authors of visual art in exhibiton: Daniela Krajčová, Klára Kusá, Zorka Lednárová, Marcel Mališ, Matúš Maťátko a Filip Sabol, Erika Meszárosová

Historical context and stories of the 20th century: Matej Beránek, Dominik Janovský, Martina Lábajová, Sandra Polovková
Architect of exhibiton: Peter Liška
Graphic designer: Marek Novák
Production: Nina Pompošová

The project called HISTORY DEFINES OUR FUTURE is implemented within the framework of the programme “Entrepreneurship in the field of culture, cultural heritage and cultural cooperation” co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 and the state budget of the Slovak Republic. The programme manager is the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.

The project was supported by EVZ Foundation

The main organizer:

Post Bellum SK

Slovak National Museum,

Museum of Jewish Culture, Museum of holocaust in Sereď

Edah o.z.,

The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies

Media partners:

Denník N,,


BigMedia s.r.o.